Accomodations & Transportation

Bungalows can be rented for as little as 100 pesos a night or as much as 400+ pesos per night depending on the accomodations. There are bungalows made from bamboo, palm fronds, coconut wood, pine, concrete and probably a few other materials.

Hector's rental cabana in Laguna Chacahua

The bungalow above is made from shaved palm fronds. The center of the frond is the primary material covering the walls on the exterior, and is also what surrounds the porch. No matter where you stay, make sure to request a fan. Not only does the airflow help cool you off, it also helps keep any mosquitos away.

Chacahua Hector Ortiz Chacahua Hector with coconut

For cabana rentals with Hector Ortiz (above) call 954-588-3534 from within Mexico or from outside Mexico dial +52-1-954-588-3534. Don't be surprised if Hector runs off to get you some fresh coconuts right after you meet him.

Other great places to stay include Juana's, El Piojo's, Doña Meche's and many more. Doña Meche has some nice two story places with attached bathrooms (rare in Chacahua) right next to the lagoon with great ocean views.

Three cabanas

Chacahua is full of small bungalows for rent like these. Since communications into and out of Chacahua are severely limited, virtually all are available on a first-come, first-served basis. But if you want to go during the high season, make the effort to make a reservation!

Cabaña rental information:

Cabañas Hector- 5 cabañas, near the beach, and the lagoon. Contact Hector Ortiz or Alba - 954-588-3534.

Los Delfines - 17 cabañas, some on the beach, some on the lagoon. 10 of the rooms have private bathrooms. Contact Doña Juana - 954-137-1358.

Cabañas de Siete Mares - 13 cabañas, some on the beach, some on the lagoon. Many have private bathrooms. Contact Doña Meche - 954-114-0062.

Cabañas El Piojo - 18 cabañas by the beach. Great prices but no private bathrooms. Contact Piojo at 954-132-0800.

Cabañas Isabel Ortiz - 4 cabañas on the beach. Contact Isabel Ortiz at 954-132-1426.

Food & Supplies:

Super Market Silvia - One store on the lagoon, "Super Market Silvia" and "Aborrotes el Punto en la Playa" up the beach. 954-133-3441

Transportation from Zapotalito:
Eustolio & Uriel - they run boats from Zapotalito to Chacahua daily and can be reached at 954-132-1419. They also have a taxi service.