Amazing Birds of Chacahua

The lagoons in Chacahua host many amazing species of birds. The lagoons are a perfect stop for migratory birds. Just like many of the tourists in Chacanua, the birds come, find paradise, and don't want to leave. For that reason, you can find many species of birds basking in the sun and eating to their hearts' content for long periods of time. Here are just a few of them.


The Osprey is an aggresive bird that feeds on fish by using it's talons to nab them from the water.

3 birds in a tree

Two young Magnificent Frigatebirds rest atop the mangrove.

Black Hawk

A Black Hawk sits perched on a dead tree branch.

Boat-billed Heron

Boat-billed Herons are a rare sighting. They are an uncommon tropical bird and I've only spotted them in one remote location in the park.

Great Egret Little blue heron

A Great Egreat and a Little Blue Heron.


A female adult Anhinga sits high above the water.

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