National Park

The park encompasses 55 square miles (14 187 hectares), and features freshwater and saltwater lagoons, and nearly twenty miles of open shoreline.

Satellite view of Chacahua

Created in 1937, the park is home to over 3000 inhabitants. It’s administered by the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas. Park programs include natural-habitat recovery, management of forests and agricultural lands, regulation of fishing, ecotourism, rural planning, a crocodile-recovery program, and protection of the marine turtle population.

Communities Within the Park

There are five towns in the park: Chacahua, El Azufre, Zapotalito, Charco Redondo, and the island community of El Corral.

Governing Body

The park’s administrative center is located just outside the park in the town of Tututepec.


The park is located approximately 45 minutes northwest of Puerto Escondido. The town of Chacahua is another 30 to 40 minutes by boat, or by a combination of boat and truck.