Crocodiles in the Wild

croc coming toward us

Crocodiles can be seen in several of the lagoons in Chacahua National Park, but it's easy to forget they're around. That is, until you're sitting in a boat a few inches above the water and one comes out of nowhere, snaps at you, and disappears before you can say, "LOOK!". With that in mind, you can imagine that it's not the most comfortable feeling when you have to step into the water and push the boat over areas too shallow for the boat to pass. While the lagoon may be too shallow for a boat and passengers, there's plenty of room for a croc to lie beneath the surface, just out of sight.

Croc sliding into water

The crocodile in the two photos above was sunning itself on the shore. As the boat passed by, he slipped into the water and headed towards the boat. The croc was estimated to be about 15 feet long.

Orlando and Daiana at night in lagoon

Orlando Montes, a trusty tour guide who knows the crocs well, shown here taking a visitor on a nighttime expedition.

Unfortunately, crocodiles are still hunted here by man. This video shows Orlando removing the remains of crocodile traps while explaining how the traps work.