El Corral Viewpoint

El Corral Dock

The entrance to El Corral is on a narrow canal in the middle of the mangroves about halfway between Zapotalito and Chacahua.

Copal tree

Hector Ortiz shows off a Copal Tree, which is used for incense and for many Oaxacan carvings and art pieces.

El Corral view tower

The view tower requires a 20-minute uphill hike. The two-story structure affords some incredible views. However, the tree canopy has grown up around the tower, blocking some of the view. Still, it's well worth the trip. And bring your bug spray!

Friends at the top of the view tower

Tour guide Hector Ortiz and friends Matt and Bob atop the view tower.

View of Punta Galera from tower

A view of Chacahua's Point (also known as Punta Galeria), as seen from the tower above El Corral.