Edible seafood includes Red Snapper (huachinango), Mexican Barred Snapper (pargo), Snook (robalo), Pacific Flagfin Mojarra (mojarra), shrimp (camarones), lobster (langosta), and octopus (pulpo). There are also oysters (ostiones) from the sea and from the lagoons, each with its own distinctive flavor.

Fisherman in Pastoria

Although many tourists like to hit open ocean water for deep sea fishing, most of the locals prefer to fish the lagoons with nets, or to fish the shallows of the sea with hand-cast nets.

Hectors big catch

Hector Ortiz's smile says it all. He hit the jackpot here; his first and only toss of the morning brought him 18 fish. Unfortunately, this isn't the norm. Some days you can cast your net until you just can't throw anymore, and you still come up empty handed.

Hector makes an octopus hook Octopus on hook

Another form of local fishing utilizes a piece of rebar with a hook on the end. Combine that with a lot of talent and you could be pulling in an octopus dinner.

Hector getting oysters

Despite getting bashed into the rocks as the waves surge in and out, Hector somehow manages to get oysters off the rocks. It takes a keen eye to accomplish this.

Kids fishing in Chacahua

Even the kids like to see what they can drag out of the ocean. It take a lot of patience to catch fish this large.

Randy fishing in Laguna Chacahua

Randy and Adolfo just back from what looks to be a great day fishing!