Lagoons of Chacahua Park

Satellite overview of Chacahua lagoons

Some of the lagoons seen here are (1) Laguna Chacahua, (2) Laguna Salina, (3) El Mulato, (4) Palmarito, and (5) Pastoria.

Satellite view of Agua Dulce

Laguna Salina (2) is a wonderful place to take a sunset tour. The large fissure to the left leads to Agua Dulce (6)where crocodiles are plentiful. Unfortunately, they are preyed upon by man.

El Corral satellite view

El Corral (7) is located in the middle of the park on an island. El Corral is inhabited by just a few families.

Lagoon Palmarito

Laguna Palmarito also has numerous crocodiles, and provides a temporary home to tens of thousands of migratory birds.