Surf's up on the Island!

The island of Chacahua has a VERY long right with moderate speed and often wonderful form. You can walk out the jetty, toss your board out and jump in. Plan on walking back up the beach after your wave because it is likely to be a very long ride.

surfing at playa Chacahua

And, not far down the coast, world class surf can be found on the shores of Puerto Escondido at Playa Zicatela. The surf break in Puerto Escondido is also known as the Mexican Pipeline. If you go there, bring extra boards since you're likely to break some in half and I'd suggest a helmet as well. But in Chacahua it's a different story. Bring sun block, a few surfboards to accommodate various size waves, and big smile because the local surfers will enjoy your company if you aren't a kook!

surfing at playa Chacahua 1

A local surfer shreds the long ride before walking back up the beach to paddle out for another long ride.

And there's surf on the Mainland too!

Hiking to the mainland surf

Omar looks back as he hikes the trail to his surf spot.

Surf on Chacahua mainland

Surf on Mainland Chacahua

Locals surfing the beach break on the mainland. It's a short but fun ride.

Surfing the long break on the island usually leads to a long walk back up the beach. Life's good!